Memories of Stellar Questers

Before Stellar Falls

It had been a peaceful kingdom, before the "affair" occurred. Everyone worked and enjoyed their daily life.

However, the "affair" changed everything.


One day, a big shooting star fell. It split into numberless pieces of meteorites before landing.

The meteorites were not ordinary ones. At no distant date, people found they have incredible power. Stellar Falls

The power didn't appear when the stone was alone, but if anyone gathered twelve kinds of piece, the stones gave some kinds of power to the owner.


After the secret of the meteorites was revealed, people began to call the meteorites "Stellatio" and many fighters came to the kingdom to look for them from all over the world.

Before long, the country was filled with warriors, soldiers, fighters, wizards, witches, thieves, and civilians who earn money from them.

In search of their own dreams....


Eight years later, there were several people called "legends." They had collected a lot of Stellatio and gained near-superhuman ability. Some of them became guardian gods of the kingdom, and some of them left the kingdom for a new adventure.

Everyone took it for granted that all the Stellatio had already been found by legends, and it's impossible to complete a new Stellatio set nowadays.

However, the period of legend had not finished yet.


A magician, who was looking for magic materials in north area of the kingdom, found a big iceberg which has bottomless magic power. After all kinds of test, he concluded it's nothing but a huge mass of Stellatio nobody had ever seen before. It's the core of meteorites which fell eight years ago.

"If I earn the power of this Stellatio, I'll be invincible. I'll exceed legendary sorcerers. I'll be the one who solves the secret of this world!" He excited himself, and used a fire magic to melt ice around the Stellatio mass.

And then, it exploded. It looked stable, but it was too big to keep up on the earth.

The mass broke apart into jillion pieces of Stellatio, and flied in all directions. And that was the beginning of a new era.

Memories of Stellar Questers is a web based role playing game. This game is ABSOLUTELY FREE. No one can pay for it, and that means no one can get any advantages by paying a special fee. In addition, you can get a chance to get an gift card if you collect all the seven types of Dragon Ball.
Each player acts a fighter or a cvilian. Fighters beat monsters and rival fighters, and civilians sell items for fighters. (You'd better start as a fighter. Generally it's difficult for a beginner to understand which one is a good item.)
The purpose of this game is not defined. You may aim at the hero, you may aim at the millionaire, or you may select an easygoing life.

However, you probably want to be stronger, to have higher skills, to have items more, or anything like that. In that case, there are two ways to upgrade your status. One is "power up" with Stellatio, and the other is "class up" with money. Both of them are not easy way.

You have to look for items, sell items, or fight with strong fighters to achieve your objective. That is the only way to become richer and stronger.
There are many players in this game. It's a good idea to communicate them and help one another. That will make this game much easier. Join the game and have a nice adventure!
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