Stellar Quest L

[0031] zengetsu: "campsoup, when did you join stella quest???" 2007-03-15(Thu)15:46:06

[0260] campsoup: "TechnoBlade: there is one flaw in your plan. Depending on your rate, it could take a VERY long time. I dont recall how high mine was before I left, but after approx 5 weeks, my rate is still at 8316!" 2007-03-15(Thu)13:40:35

[9999] System Message: Good Buyer Award of this week:This prize is given to the most remarkable customer every two week. 2007-03-15(Thu)12:18:33

[0327] Fizban: "-Secret Code for Depository1072 --- 6781[1-0]" 2007-03-15(Thu)11:08:46

[0354] Sasarai: "Could someone make some gloves?" 2007-03-15(Thu)10:25:21

[0143] Nodoka: "thank you for posting everyone!!" 2007-03-15(Thu)06:25:06

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1071 has just been opened by [0143]Nodoka and its PIN was 813. 2007-03-15(Thu)06:24:07

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 280[1-0]" 2007-03-15(Thu)03:31:06

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 123[2-1]" 2007-03-15(Thu)03:30:06

[9999] System Message: [0312] boggs has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-03-15(Thu)01:19:05

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 170[1-0]" 2007-03-14(Wed)23:08:52

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 461[1-0]" 2007-03-14(Wed)23:05:04

[0291] TechnoBlade: "i shall wait till my rate is 0 then i shall attakc alot of people cause then like about 50 people will give me 100g each! =D" 2007-03-14(Wed)21:27:42

[0291] TechnoBlade: "ok i got the perfect plan" 2007-03-14(Wed)21:27:09

[9999] System Message: [0534] Fate has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-03-14(Wed)20:44:05

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 915[1-1]" 2007-03-14(Wed)14:12:56

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1071 --- 728[1-0]" 2007-03-14(Wed)14:10:54

[0046] Moto: "I got a Silver Bar, Thanks Fate ckinoki, Nodoka and TechnoBlade.(^o^)/" 2007-03-14(Wed)14:10:31

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1070 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 9465. 2007-03-14(Wed)14:09:33

[0143] Nodoka: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 2109[1-0]" 2007-03-14(Wed)13:53:24

[0045] Dr. Doolittle: "As a give away for the grand opening of my newest's specility, secret memo's, I am giving away melons!!!" 2007-03-14(Wed)12:16:07

[0045] Dr. Doolittle: "Im glad to see I was kept busy while I was away!" 2007-03-14(Wed)12:10:57

[0260] campsoup: "Hello everyone! Im sorry for not being arround lately! My midterms caught up to me! Im sad to that I got only 7 messages in the past 5 weeks (or so)" 2007-03-14(Wed)12:02:10

[0354] Sasarai: "Darn no Spunky Gloves are left.Could someone make some?\" 2007-03-14(Wed)06:55:51

[0291] TechnoBlade: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 8156[2-0]" 2007-03-14(Wed)00:52:40

[9005] Black Market: Black Market Finance Report
Shareholders10 persons
Carried Forward313G

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 7930[1-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)18:56:24

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 5197[2-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)18:53:14

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 3091[1-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)18:47:17

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 7529[2-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)16:18:16

[0143] Nodoka: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 5203[1-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)14:12:27

[0161] Etna: "decoys don't just lower you attack, they invert it. If you have an attack of 2 with a decot, your attack becomes -2 (not 2 - 2 = 0 but -2 total) so, you had a -4 attack, just just 4 off your attack :P" 2007-03-13(Tue)06:10:33

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1070 --- 6083[1-0]" 2007-03-13(Tue)02:48:37

[0291] TechnoBlade: "lol i forgot who i attack but i never knew decoy lowers ur attack i just wanted to get rid of it but then it made em ahve -4 attack T-T" 2007-03-13(Tue)02:29:50

[0161] Etna: "That one was suprisingly dificult" 2007-03-12(Mon)23:14:37

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1069 has just been opened by [0161]Etna and its PIN was 236. 2007-03-12(Mon)23:14:05

[0534] Fate: "How about some more mkithril axes? I keep saying I'll but them if you make them, yet no one makes them still @_@" 2007-03-12(Mon)22:51:23

[9999] System Message: [4089]Copy Sovin Ndore #19 has just been terminated by [0534]Fate. 2007-03-12(Mon)22:39:00

[9999] System Message: [4078]Copy End of Names #9 has just been terminated by [0534]Fate. 2007-03-12(Mon)22:33:54

[0534] Fate: "muh, i think hitting someone using a decoy should at least take them off your attack list. You' already waste with absolutly no evvect any other items you use on them, even though you never use them as it is...not ever getting people that tend to use decoys off a list seems extra frustrating :P" 2007-03-12(Mon)22:26:18

[9999] System Message: [0205] kagome has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-03-12(Mon)16:37:50

[9999] System Message: [4065]Copy Svixce #23 has just been terminated by [0031]zengetsu. 2007-03-12(Mon)15:57:38

[0031] zengetsu: "Could you guys please vote me gentle???" 2007-03-12(Mon)04:16:09

[0295] Flina: "Secret Code for Depository1069 --- 461[1-0]" 2007-03-12(Mon)04:12:20

[0291] TechnoBlade: "when ever i log in im always dead cause zengetsu my sensi is teaching me hatred by attacking me alot and as u ppls know i got like -20 defence so he usally does 30s on me -.-" 2007-03-12(Mon)01:30:58

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1069 --- 305[1-0]" 2007-03-12(Mon)01:26:55

[0354] Sasarai: "Wow most of the players are dead." 2007-03-12(Mon)00:23:17

[0354] Sasarai: "Secret Code for Depository1069 --- 851[1-0]" 2007-03-12(Mon)00:22:21

[9999] System Message: Good Seller Award of this week:This prize is given to the most remarkable seller every week. 2007-03-12(Mon)00:05:36

[0440] Ichigo: "Secret Code for Depository1069 --- 102[1-0]" 2007-03-11(Sun)22:54:43

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