Stellar Quest L

[0007] Unknown: "Advertisment: Come One! Come All! I have TWO deals for you! I am not only auction off a growing grand [3,0] sword, that I am willing to name for you (but I perfer calling it Death Note, from the comic Death Note) but I am now also auctioning off a growing grand [0,3] shield, that you can name! Each of the auction bids starting 300G each!" 2007-03-23(Fri)12:27:12

[9999] System Message: [4072]Bear #66 has just been terminated by [0199]DrGoth. 2007-03-23(Fri)11:28:42

[9999] System Message: [4060]Copy End of Names #7 has just been terminated by [0199]DrGoth. 2007-03-23(Fri)11:12:59

[0228] Shizuka: "Fate may have won (Congrats by the way), but I'm still going to get revenge on your Dr.Gorh! That and Zengetsu as well! Zengetsu took my rare knife and Dr. Goth killed me and took all 36 of my belts!" 2007-03-23(Fri)06:38:33

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1080 --- 6502[2-0]" 2007-03-23(Fri)04:53:58

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1080 --- 3176[2-1]" 2007-03-23(Fri)04:53:46

[0534] Fate: "Wow...that was totaly lucky...(mostly actualy killing Chinoki when he was in the lead *^_^*). Looks like you can't wear the belt though, too bad, I thought it'd look good! ^_~" 2007-03-23(Fri)04:52:41

[9999] System Message: The Winner of Battle Royal.The champion got the Champion Belt! (600G) 2007-03-23(Fri)04:51:09

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1080 --- 5682[2-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)23:43:01

[0161] Etna: "Thanks to posters...that was done entierly off the BBS in one try ^_~" 2007-03-22(Thu)20:46:35

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1079 has just been opened by [0161]Etna and its PIN was 407. 2007-03-22(Thu)20:46:20

[0161] Etna: "For those that were curious, the progressive knife has the sponsor skill (and is up for sale :P)" 2007-03-22(Thu)20:43:02

[9999] System Message: [4024]Copy FushigiHato #21 has just been terminated by [0041]FushigiHato. 2007-03-22(Thu)18:33:13

[0041] FushigiHato: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 856[0-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)18:15:37

[0041] FushigiHato: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 583[0-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)18:06:47

[9999] System Message: Result of Lottery:[0027] Sanu won the follwoing prizes 2007-03-22(Thu)17:13:08

[0221] Yuri: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 628[0-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)16:53:25

[9999] System Message: This message reminds you one of Stella Quest L rules. 2007-03-22(Thu)15:57:41

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 175[1-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)15:56:47

[0007] Unknown: "Advertisment: Come One! Come All! I got a deal for you! I am auctioning off a growing grand [3,0] sword for sale! I perfer to name it Death Note from the anime Death Note, but if the highest bidder wants to name it differently, I will! The bids will start at 300G" 2007-03-22(Thu)12:01:11

[0161] Etna: "11 premium items for sale! melons too! come buy! *_*" 2007-03-22(Thu)08:24:04

[0354] Sasarai: "I'm the new Daredevil now.^^" 2007-03-22(Thu)05:34:14

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 657[1-1]" 2007-03-22(Thu)01:25:54

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 324[1-0]" 2007-03-22(Thu)01:25:34

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1079 --- 410[2-1]" 2007-03-22(Thu)01:25:04

[0143] Nodoka: "Thank you everyone. I got 400G" 2007-03-22(Thu)00:44:26

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1078 has just been opened by [0143]Nodoka and its PIN was 1402. 2007-03-22(Thu)00:43:58

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 8631[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)23:55:52

[0534] Fate: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 6231[2-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)21:01:10

[0534] Fate: "Still looking for people to make more mithril axes, if you make them I'll buy them! :P" 2007-03-21(Wed)20:48:51

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 3169[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)18:23:45

[0280] Svixce: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 9087[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)18:01:21

[0280] Svixce: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 5304[2-1]" 2007-03-21(Wed)18:00:23

[0280] Svixce: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 6921[2-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)17:59:36

[0007] Unknown: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 7634[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)16:56:08

[9999] System Message: [0018] ckinoki has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-03-21(Wed)14:52:31

[0018] ckinoki: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 9642[2-1]" 2007-03-21(Wed)14:38:36

[0007] Unknown: "Advertisment: Come One! Come All! I got a deal for you! I am auctioning off a growing grand [3,0] sword for sale! I perfer to name it Death Note from the anime Death Note, but if the highest bidder wants to name it differently, I will! The bids will start at 300G!" 2007-03-21(Wed)14:26:33

[0260] campsoup: "Note to weapon salesmen: whoever buys the progreveness knife from shampoo, i was woundering what the spec and skills it has! Thanks!" 2007-03-21(Wed)14:22:13

[9999] System Message: [4050]Bear #64 has just been terminated by [0260]campsoup. 2007-03-21(Wed)14:20:22

[0260] campsoup: "I dont think the Black Market Dividend has been as big as this week! I think its a good sign that the changes the Gov Ukats made are very benifetal to many people" 2007-03-21(Wed)14:17:16

[0260] campsoup: "To Fate &TechnoBlade: I realise is not imposible, but just furstrating difficult. I wish I could use equipment and temp items, but my inventory is full with my medals, which I know I could sale, but choose not too. Usualy mesages like that previous message and this one, are just me rambling some of my fustrations at my lack of skill, knowing I could have done better, like investing more in stellations, and maybe focusing on using them in inventory instead of attack, defense, hp etc... I guess I should stop my rambling" 2007-03-21(Wed)14:16:08

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1078 --- 5078[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)08:53:10

[0046] Moto: "Thanks I got Silver Bar!" 2007-03-21(Wed)06:00:31

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1077 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 735. 2007-03-21(Wed)06:00:00

[0104] STELLA: "Secret Code for Depository1077 --- 218[0-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)05:38:56

[0104] STELLA: "Secret Code for Depository1077 --- 692[0-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)05:36:19

[0006] Mico: "Secret Code for Depository1077 --- 249[0-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)05:27:13

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1077 --- 174[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)05:13:43

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1077 --- 391[1-0]" 2007-03-21(Wed)05:13:31

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