Stellar Quest L

[9999] System Message: [4109]Slime #137 has just been terminated by [0491]Dialga. 2007-05-19(Sat)17:40:25

[9999] System Message: [0283] Auraistone has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-19(Sat)17:32:20

[0001] Ukats: "I made a new command; Unset. This command let you unset your temporary item before using." 2007-05-19(Sat)15:58:25

[9999] System Message: [0436] Agathos has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-19(Sat)15:21:31

[0326] Mirzos: "...I was kidding when I said I wanted to be able to log in without dying, but apparantly the situation's more grave than I first thought V_V" 2007-05-19(Sat)14:50:39

[9999] System Message: [4064]Ikadevil #52 has just been terminated by [0199]DrGoth. 2007-05-19(Sat)14:32:49

[0046] Moto: "Big hint ! Secret Code for Depository1148 --- 6108[0-0]" 2007-05-19(Sat)13:53:31

[0046] Moto: "Thanks Huntress,campsoup and TechnoBladex. I got a Silver Bar.(^o^)v" 2007-05-19(Sat)13:53:06

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1147 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 837. 2007-05-19(Sat)13:51:06

[0326] Mirzos: "It would be nice to log in without being dead every once in a while. <_<" 2007-05-19(Sat)13:29:38

[9999] System Message: [0288] Billum has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-19(Sat)12:03:37

[9999] System Message: [0018] ckinoki has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-19(Sat)07:35:37

[9999] System Message: [4018]Ikadevil #50 has just been terminated by [0470]Mugen. 2007-05-19(Sat)06:26:31

[9999] System Message: Weekly battle ranking:

[9999] System Message: [0491] Dialga has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-19(Sat)04:46:27

[9999] System Message: [4011]Slime #134 has just been terminated by [0228]Shizuka. 2007-05-19(Sat)03:30:57

[0228] Shizuka: "=D who else here loves ebay? I just won a really cute skirt on ebay, and I'm bidding on a few more that are really cute." 2007-05-19(Sat)03:11:38

[9999] System Message: [4041]Slime #135 has just been terminated by [0291]TechnoBlade. 2007-05-19(Sat)02:57:34

[0338] shizo: "This time capsule is great! Lol, i can't believe i really used to talk like that." 2007-05-19(Sat)02:11:15

[0228] Shizuka: "Xing's advice: Usagi Tsukino is so charming, isn't she? >>>>>Not sure if that counts as advice, lol. Whatever though, lol, she is cute, I love her hair! I would do my hair like that but it's still too short" 2007-05-19(Sat)01:30:35

[0354] Sasarai: "Xing's advice: Fujiwara no Sai is so sexy, isn't he? P.S Ok....if you say so...." 2007-05-18(Fri)23:58:57

[0317] Huntress: "Old time's sake: Secret Code for Depository1147 --- 953[1-0]" 2007-05-18(Fri)22:11:08

[0317] Huntress: "Wow...has it really been two years since I joined this game? The time capsle is good...wish we could get old letters back too. " 2007-05-18(Fri)22:09:20

[0260] campsoup: "Secret Code for Depository1147 --- 901[0-0]" 2007-05-18(Fri)19:23:39

[0260] campsoup: "WoW!! Ive seen normal chocobos and black chocobos, but never green chocobos! "[4109] Slime #137 conceals a Green Chocobo!"" 2007-05-18(Fri)19:09:05

[0260] campsoup: "Advertisment: does anyone make level 3 (grand) armor or shields anymore?" 2007-05-18(Fri)19:00:46

[0319] TechnoBladex: "Secret Code for Depository1147 --- 908[1-0]" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:40:09

[0260] campsoup: "How many of us originals (Medieval and Ancient birthdays) are still here?" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:38:03

[0260] campsoup: "*scanning timecapsle* I noticed its focused on a bitter sweet time, when Wolfwood returned and said that his little brother lied saying that he died in a car accident" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:35:50

[0260] campsoup: "So far, in my research, Kris was the only one so far that Ive seen that have recored the secret deposits he solved, and the earliest one was deposit #291" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:31:46

[0046] Moto: "Secret Code for Depository1147 --- 302[1-0]" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:23:23

[0046] Moto: "I got 400G.Thanks Mika" 2007-05-18(Fri)18:23:09

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1146 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 3945. 2007-05-18(Fri)18:22:32

[9999] System Message: [0354] Sasarai has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-18(Fri)17:47:08

[0470] Mugen: "Is anyone else having a problem with saving in town? Sometime when I save in town and then come back it says I didn't save. I can't figure why sometimes it saves and sometimes it doesn't." 2007-05-18(Fri)17:25:57

[0260] campsoup: "All I could find is that the secret deposit system was a round before Oct 09, 2004" 2007-05-18(Fri)16:18:37

[0260] campsoup: "Kool feature! It sure brings back memorys! Is there anyway to control the timecapsle?" 2007-05-18(Fri)15:28:32

[0001] Ukats: "To Shizuka: It's pity that there is no record that indicates who solved the Secret Dipository 1. Anyone remembers that?" 2007-05-18(Fri)14:28:47

[0001] Ukats: "To Etna: Just scroll down this screen! To Mr. Pringles: Death Grass is a good item. Please read "database" for detail (^^)" 2007-05-18(Fri)13:51:28

[0161] Etna: "Death grass is the better of the commonly found grasses, so it's not too bad. Also, how are people reading these old messages? Am I just blind and not seeing it? :P" 2007-05-18(Fri)04:42:14

[0291] TechnoBlade: "with sponsor skill =p" 2007-05-18(Fri)04:30:55

[0291] TechnoBlade: "I am requesting for a named sword up to 900g" 2007-05-18(Fri)04:30:37

[9999] System Message: [4089]Copy Mika #5 has just been terminated by [0470]Mugen. 2007-05-18(Fri)04:17:30

[0033] Mr. Pringles: "Is it lucky to get death Grass on your first time looking for items?" 2007-05-18(Fri)01:19:16

[0169] Mika: "Secret Code for Depository1146 --- 2493[3-0]" 2007-05-17(Thu)23:24:10

[0228] Shizuka: "=D Hooray! I won the Lottery Prize this week. ^o^" 2007-05-17(Thu)22:51:34

[0228] Shizuka: "Also, wow! ""[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 73 has just been opened by [0161]Etna and its PIN was 518. 2004-11-19(Fri)06:10:03 "" That was a loooonnngggg time ago....I'll quit with this now, lol. ^^;" 2007-05-17(Thu)22:40:25

[0228] Shizuka: "Hahaha, reading threw the bbs time capsole, I've noticed that there are messages from 2004 that my ex-best friend and I posted, lol. Me as my 1st ever character, Inuyashafan (0109) and him as yu-gi-ohfan (0013)." 2007-05-17(Thu)22:39:54

[0161] Etna: "ohhh, I didn't know grass growing was odds based...I was going off the tought that it was based on X amount of logins with a certain time between them or X amount of time overall for it to "bake". That's a whole otehr can of worms, with odds and such :P" 2007-05-17(Thu)20:42:42

[0040] Usagi: ""Xing's advice: Sakura Kinomoto is so cute, isn't she?" Best "advice" so far from him. XD" 2007-05-17(Thu)20:39:04

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