Stellar Quest L

[0534] Fate: "I'm _STILL_ looking for thorny shields, any at all, just one, they are VERY easy to make and i can tell anyone who will make me one." 2007-05-29(Tue)23:10:01

[0041] FushigiHato: "Secret Code for Depository1160 --- 7928[2-0]" 2007-05-29(Tue)22:27:26

[0041] FushigiHato: "Secret Code for Depository1160 --- 4953[1-0]" 2007-05-29(Tue)21:20:58

[9999] System Message:

Shareholder Finance Report
Security Code[9001][9005]
Company NameBeauty SalonBlack Market
Business Income6419G30964G
Capital Revenue1770G885G
Shareholders1 persons8 persons
Carried Forward4870G16865G

[0326] Mirzos: "To all weapon makers: Could you people PLEASE MAKE SOME *censored* KNIVES?!" 2007-05-29(Tue)19:07:57

[0046] Moto: "Thanks STELLA!! 150G!" 2007-05-29(Tue)17:42:12

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1159 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 247. 2007-05-29(Tue)17:41:43

[0104] STELLA: "Secret Code for Depository1159 --- 473[2-0]" 2007-05-29(Tue)17:13:05

[9999] System Message: [0031] zengetsu has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-29(Tue)16:35:03

[0305] Teal: "i think i've playing around 2 years... uuuhhh i started in around 6th or 7th grade and now i'm going to 10th.... soo yeah something around those lines" 2007-05-29(Tue)16:16:34

[0470] Mugen: "thank you Sasarai and TechnoBlade, I got a stellatio." 2007-05-29(Tue)15:55:57

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1158 has just been opened by [0470]Mugen and its PIN was 9150. 2007-05-29(Tue)15:53:11

[0001] Ukats: "Needless to say, robbing or killing is a part of this game. So any kinds of "don't kill me" or "don't steal from me" requests should be invalid. " 2007-05-29(Tue)15:51:12

[0359] BabyAngelik: "ckicoki 0008 is bad person i say dun atk me still atk me and robbed my item grr " 2007-05-29(Tue)14:37:45

[9999] System Message: [0359] BabyAngelik has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-29(Tue)14:07:42

[9999] System Message: [4017]Copy Teal #6 has just been terminated by [0291]TechnoBlade. 2007-05-29(Tue)13:25:11

[0275] Sana: "haha.."Xing's advice: Master Asia is so cute, isn't he?"" 2007-05-29(Tue)09:20:49

[9999] System Message: [0275] Sana has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-29(Tue)09:06:26

[0275] Sana: "YAY..^_^ official Protector! " 2007-05-29(Tue)08:57:15

[0272] tehvince: "Hee hee i wish that was us in the future sana ^_^ lol (fan boyish crush :O) and i have shizo (aka shane) to thank for getting me to play sql and for helping me meet sana AKA the best person ever lol. (Btw if you attack sana and kill her, i feel sorry for you lol im her official protector now!)" 2007-05-29(Tue)08:52:39

[0216] Vash: "i honestly dont know whats goin on but congrats to for quite old to this game...(started again in march) but i have been playing since the beginning...i remember back in the day when there were only like...8 monsters to kill....and only like 100 players....good days..back when i was rich and successful..haha" 2007-05-29(Tue)08:27:49

[0275] Sana: "Huntress && Isaac are getting married O.O CUTE!!! ^_^ aww I love stelly love, it makes me so happy! Maybe that could be me and Tehvince one day, hee hee (fan girly crush) execpt that is obviously years from now.. heh heh i cant even drive a car. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STELLA LAND! idk how long ive been playing.. i havent been active for what, 6monthes now, but I am happy Ukats has revived my character (this game is somewhat addicting) Than you Shizuka(Evangline)--> whos used to be Satski<-- for introducing me this game in 6th grade its is now 8th grade so it has been at least 1 1/2 years ^_^ yay!" 2007-05-29(Tue)07:53:13

[0291] TechnoBlade: "Secret Code for Depository1158 --- 7425[1-0]" 2007-05-29(Tue)03:19:17

[0291] TechnoBlade: "Secret Code for Depository1158 --- 7043[1-0]" 2007-05-29(Tue)03:11:05

[0354] Sasarai: "Secret Code for Depository1158 --- 8930[2-1]" 2007-05-29(Tue)02:17:02

[9999] System Message: [0018] ckinoki has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-29(Tue)00:17:36

[9999] System Message: [4013]Slime #128 has just been terminated by [0291]TechnoBlade. 2007-05-28(Mon)22:11:56

[9999] System Message: [4021]Copy Teal #5 has just been terminated by [0291]TechnoBlade. 2007-05-28(Mon)22:05:52

[0228] Shizuka: "Yay! 2 days 'til the meteor shower! =D" 2007-05-28(Mon)20:41:05

[0228] Shizuka: "It would be interesting if they got married in real life. (Or are they really? ^_^ ) Happy anniversary!" 2007-05-28(Mon)20:40:38

[9999] System Message: [0349] MichaelCaboose has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-28(Mon)19:50:45

[9999] System Message: [0205] kagome has just defeated all the targets, and got 500G incentive! 2007-05-28(Mon)19:49:44

[0305] Teal: "lol i hope your wedding goes awesome!!!!! (plans to appear randomly in starwars costume) jkjk... well i hope you guys have a happy life together!!!! :D " 2007-05-28(Mon)18:47:42

[0354] Sasarai: "I know I'm the Bigshot and all just hurry up and kill me like always." 2007-05-28(Mon)17:36:13

[0046] Moto: "I got a Gold Bar.Thanks miuki and Sasarai!" 2007-05-28(Mon)17:12:29

[9999] System Message: Secret Depository 1157 has just been opened by [0046]Moto and its PIN was 481. 2007-05-28(Mon)17:12:03

[0470] Mugen: "to Mirzos: I'm running into that problem a lot. I know I save my game, but when I come back it says I didn't." 2007-05-28(Mon)16:05:05

[0326] Mirzos: "Oh, for the love of-- now it's telling me I didn't save my game. <_<" 2007-05-28(Mon)09:37:11

[0317] Huntress: "*kicks Isaac-kun* We're boyfriend/girlfriend atm. But we're planning a wedding for around July, but we might not do it until sometime next year. " 2007-05-28(Mon)05:12:39

[0324] Isaac: "We're actually expecting our first child in Decemeber *blush* We were busy" 2007-05-28(Mon)05:06:27

[0305] Teal: "waaa!!! my spellings off!!!!! so so so sorry!" 2007-05-28(Mon)02:10:38

[0305] Teal: "yay! congrats to SQL and issac/huntress!!!!! aniverisary? like married or as boy/girl friend? " 2007-05-28(Mon)02:10:06

[0017] zabimaru: "hi every one" 2007-05-28(Mon)01:23:55

[0354] Sasarai: "Secret Code for Depository1157 --- 839[1-0]" 2007-05-28(Mon)01:06:05

[0317] Huntress: "*embarassed* You're ruining my tough girl image....I'm going to kick you now. ._. Love you too. ^_^ *kicks hard in the shin*" 2007-05-28(Mon)01:03:41

[0324] Isaac: "LOVE YOU MY HUNTRESS!!!!!!!! ^____________________________________________^" 2007-05-28(Mon)01:00:11

[0317] Huntress: "Dang it Isaac-kun, why'd you have to say all that? I'mma kick you. *shy* Thanks to Kris too for making me realize how much I love Isaac-kun...althrough you're not with us atm. x3 Happy stellatio hunting." 2007-05-28(Mon)00:59:29

[0324] Isaac: "Wow. 3 years of Stella Quest L. Good memories, even though I've only been here for 2. Although I'm not active any more, I'm still kinda fond of this place. After all this/forums is where I met my love. You all might know her as the powerful Huntress. Today is our 5th Anniversary and I'm really happy to be with such a lovely girl. Thanks everyone who has played with us, especially Campsoup and Ukats. Congrats on 3 years SQL, have many more to come!" 2007-05-28(Mon)00:58:30

[0317] Huntress: "Funny. SQL's been here for 3 years, I've been here for two. x3 Before I forget...*blushes like a schoolgirl* :3 Today is mine and Isaac's 5 month anniversary as a couple. *dies of embarassment* Thanks to Ukats and campsoup for making the game+forum where he and I met. :3 And Happy 3rd B-Day to Stella Quest L~!" 2007-05-28(Mon)00:57:36

[9999] System Message: Good Seller Award of this week:This prize is given to the most remarkable seller every week. 2007-05-28(Mon)00:04:51

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