Frequently Asked Questions
<Registration and Login>
Q: Which job should I select?
A: There are many jobs and each job has its special feature. Read Database carefully and select one.
Q: How do I register?
A: Here is the registration page. Registration and playing is absolutely free and you don't have to register any individual information such like e-mail address. But please don't forget to bookmark this game on your browser or you can't access Stella Quest L again.
Q: When I tried to log in second time, a message "This name has already been used." was displayed. What's that?
A: That is not log in screen, but registration screen. You should select Continue at the second time.
Q: I tried to register a character, but the following message was displayed: "Your host address has already been reserved by another player. In other words, you can't play this game with your PC. Sorry... "
A: To avoid unfair behavior, it's strictly prohibited to record twice. Sometimes that message is displayed when two PCs are using the same proxy server. You can't register in that case, either.

Frequently Asked Questions
<for Beginners>
Q: What do I do in this game?
A: If you don't see what to do, please read the first and second chapter of Manual. The first chapter is the basic flow of this game, and the second is the basic rule.
Q: I need money! How do I earn gold?
A: The basic way is "Look for" command. You can seldom earn much money, but it's the steadiest way. If you are a fighting player, you can earn money when you defeat high rate players or kill high bounty players.
Q: I have only 1 hit point and can't look for anymore. What should I do?
A: You can check Sale list, and buy some foods if someone sells them at a reasonable price. If not, you should "Save in the town" and wait a few hours. You can heal while you're resting.
Q: How do I meet other players?
A: Check "Look for another player" command and select a player with selection box (or directly enter ID in the text box next to the selection box), then press "ok" button near by the selection box.
Q: I was killed! What should I do?
A: You can check Emergency list, and confirm Revival Specialists. Meet one of them, and select "Ask revival" command. If you don't have enough money, you should "Save in the town" and wait TEN hours. Then you can revive by yourself.
Q: I was poisoned! What should I do?
A: You can check Emergency list, and confirm Poison Specialists. Meet one of them, and select "Ask detoxification" command.
Q: Should I dispose needless items?
A: You'd better sell them to the Pawn ([0000] Shampoo). You'll get some money.
Q: I got this message in red at the top of the screen; "There are XX new records." How do I check them?
A: Select "My Record" on the right lower menu and press Ok.
Q: I found a item, but I'm not sure what it is.
A: You can go to [9016] Connoisseurs and ask them to estimate your item's value, but that costs 10G-100G. If you don't waste your money, you'd better just use the item.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I fight with other players ?
A: All you have to do to fight others is select the player from the dropdown menu and select "OK" when "look for another player" is highlighted. If you find that player (If they are in town, you will always find them. If they are roaming, you may spend a HP trying to find them and fail) and they are another fighting class you can select the "fight" option and you fight them. It will tell you the result of the fight including how much damage was done, and special abilities that worked, any items that were stolen/broken/upgraded and any gold award you may have gotten. Then it will take you to a screen to leave a message. You should leave messages as it's polite and friendly. You can do this for any other player as long as your attack isn't higher then theirs (after the defender bonus of +1 attack, you cant have a gap wider then 4 attack below yours to fight). Once you fight someone, you canft fight them again for a while, usually about a day, but sometimes as little as an hour or so.
Q: I bought a weapon but I can't use. Why !?
A: Available weapons are limited. Please check Database carefully before purchasing weapon.
Q: I bought a rare (red) weapon. I thought I could use it, but I couldn't. Why?
A: Low class players can't use rare weapons. If you haven't paid 4000G at the temple, you're low class.
Q: What does item's color mean?
A: There are seven kinds of special colored items.
Red items
Rare items. Only middle and high-class players can use and they're sturdier than normal weapons.
Yellow items
Renamed rare items. Not like renamed original weapons, yellow items won't grow up.
Blue items
Original weapons. Available normal weapons are strictly limited, but all the fighting players can use original weapons.
Gold items
Named original weapons. They sometimes grow up and become better ones. All the fighting players can use them.
Purple items
Items with special ability. Please read Database for detail.
Pale green items
Light items. They won't be your load however many you have. In addition, Chocoboes carry your items, so the limit of your items increase as long as Chocoboes belong with you.
Orange items
High caloric food. It's insignificant for fighter to distinguish orange items and others, but if civilians eat a high caloric food, they become fat until their HP becomes 1.
Q: I'm a fighting player. Can I sell my items?
A: No. Fighting players can't sell items to other players basically. The only player you can sell items is the pawn ([0000] Cologne).
Q: I killed my opponent, but didn't get bounty. Why?
A: You get bounty only when you kill a bounty head in red letter (100G or above) Check Bounty player list in the menu.
Q: I always say don't attack me, but they still attack. What should I do?
A: At first, fighting players can't avoid fighting. As far as you're a fighting player, you have to fight, fight, and continue to fight! However, if you don't want to be attacked anyway, you can use hiding tools like "Firecracker" or "Fire Flowers." ":::Decoy:::" may be useful, too. If there're no hiding tools or decoys in market, you can "Save outside the town" when you save. However, opponents may find you in that case and you heal very slowly.
Q: What do acronyms after weapon's name mean?
A: Those acronyms mean special skills that the weapon has. SA(DE) -> Second Attack, MGC -> Black Magic, VSB -> VS Bounty +1 or +2, RBN -> Robbing, BWI -> Bewitching, IMP -> Impregnability, SAR -> Steel Armor, CRM -> Charm, PT -> Poison Tolerance, VNG -> Vengefulness, SPN -> Sponsor, CHD -> Critical Hit Defense, STD -> Sturdy Weapon
Q: I was taken over by an Agent. What should I do ?
A: You'd better go to [9001] Beauty Salon -Golden- or [9002] Beauty Salon -Silvery- and purchase a new avatar.
Q: I was cursed! Why, and what should I do?
A: First of all, you'd better put on a Saint equipment when you attack non-bounty players. That will solve your problem fundamentally. The Ad Agency's decursing cost is similar to Black Market's price system. If you don't use Ad Agency for a while, the price will be go down. There are many ways to decrease the curse; (1) Looking for an Amulet (2) Buying an Amulet from civilians (3) Buying an Amulet at [9005] Black Market at a very high price (4) Getting an Amulet as a log-in Bonus. (5) Using a Voodoo :::Decoy::: at a defensive battle (if you use it when you attack, its effect will change) (6) Getting killed. Please select the most reasonable way for you.
Q: I want an item that the pawn has, but I can't buy!
A: Generally, the pawn sells items only to civilians. If you absolutely need an item which the pawn doesn't sell, you should use a Catnip and the pawn will sell you anything.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I'm a priest (peddler, weapon shop). Can't I fight anyway?
A: No, you can't.
Q: How do I sell items?
A: Select "Set price" command and press "Ok" on the lower side of the screen. On the price setting screen, check items that you want to sell and input price in the text box. If you finish all the setting, press "Ok" again.
Q: I want to sell high spec weapons, but I can't find them out. Why?
A: You should use "Compose items" command. Please read Manual carefully.
Q: I grew "fat" when I ate food. Why, and what should I do?
A: When civilians eat cooked food or some specific kinds of food, they grow fat. Dangerous foods for civilians are Basil Potato, Herb Chicken, Salad, Lamb, and so on. If you grew fat, take exercise and make your HP one. Then you lose your weight.
Q: I bought an item, but I had to pay "extra charge." What's that?
A: When civilians buy items from civilians (except for NPCs), they have to pay "extra charge."
Q: How do I win good seller award ?
A: There are many factors, but business point is the most important.
Q: What is business point ?
A: It indicates player's business result. If you achieve certain business points, you'll get bonus. To get more business points, there are two ways: (1) Selling items as expensive as possible. And you'll get many points (2) Selling items at bazaar. You need Bazaar skill and you have to use a bazaar ticket before saving the game.
Q: I have "Rare Item Trader" skill, but I can't sell my rare items. Why?
A: "Rare Item Trader" skill just let you sell items with red letters. If you want to sell rare items, you also need skills to sell items. For example, if you have a rare sword, you need both "Rare Item Trader" and "Sword Seller" skill to sell it.
Q: The pawn doesn't sell items to me. Why?
A: The pawn is controlling the number of items to avoid buyout by someone. Please wait saveral hours in that case and you can buy from the pawn again. However, you can buy cheap items (less than 10G) even if the pawn doesn't sell you expensive items. If you absolutely need an item which the pawn doesn't sell, you should use a Catnip and the pawn will sell you anything.
Q: The record says "You returned a part of your profits to society by spreading xxxG to other players." I don't want to spread!
A: You automatically spread money when you sell cheap item at a very high price, but your money will be a gift for fighters. So you'd better think that's a kind of advertisement. You'll find many people will thank you.
Q: When I used a cryptex, I found a strange code such like "Grrr... An old man! An old man win!". What's this?
A: This is an anagram. If you sort alphabets correctly, you'll get how to compose items. For example, "Grrr... An old man! An old man win!" is an anagram for "Simple Wand and Simple Ring." That means you'll get a new item when you compose a Simple Wand and a Simple Ring.
Q: What is the most profitable composition?
A: That depends on your skill. But every civilian can compose Every Taste Bean (color) and Power Water. The color decides what they become. You can sell anything you compose, so whatever it becomes, it can be profitable. By the way, you can make Power Water with two Cold Water compostion. If you want to know connection between bean's color and its composed item, you should estimate a Secret Memo. A hint for composition is written in it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: I got a Cloarkroom ticket, but I couldn't use it. Why?
A: There are some kinds of Cloarkroom tickets, and you can use only once for each. And the sequence of tickets is determined. You should use plain "Cloakroom Ticket" at first, and you can use "Fine Cloakroom Ticket" next time. You can't use "Fine Cloakroom Ticket" before using "Cloakroom Ticket."
Q: What is the difference between Broken items and Damaged items?
A: The pawn judges Damaged items sellable and civilians who have Recycle skill can make Mithril Piece from them, but Broken items are not sellable. So the pawn just resales them to ragmen and they disappear from the game.
Q: Why doesn't the pawn buy items from me?
A: There are two cases that the pawn doesn't buy items from you. (a) You're regarded as a rude person at [9015] Popularity Poll. (b) The system detected your lavish expenditure. To avoid this problem, you should be a good person, and don't buy needless items.
Q: My brave points decreased suddenly. Why ?
A: If you want to keep your brave points, there're two things you shouldn't do. 1) Saving outside the town. 2) Saving without reviving when you're killed by someone. However, using hiding items like thick glasses, sunglasses, or a glass mask won't decrease your brave points.
Q: I can't sell my Trophies (or Torn Patent Rolls). What should I do?
A: Just keep it. If you collect some of them, something will occur.
Q: I gave tons of Melon when I created a fellow player at Guild, but he can receive only a few at once. Why?
A: New characters can't receive the gift melons at once. If they can, they can't eat all the melon at once.
Q: What is the clan and how do I make one?
A: There is no system called "clan" in this game. It's not a system but a social circle. In other words, you can make it whenever you want.

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