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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
212Daicorn #12 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4149 15 14 29 172 6 11 Normal 123G 212G Light Plaster Light Grass Light Grass Dragon Seed
208Haksine #18 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4015 15 14 13 166 6 10 Normal 52G 208G Dragon Seed
206Ashtabar #24 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4055 5 5 3 6 1 0 Normal 55G 206G Ingot Ingot Mithril Piece Yellow Flag IV Light Grass Lembas Simple Ring Light Sparkler Dragon Seed
106Jun-Kat King Does anyone play League of Legends? Message me (:
Town 0008 3+10 20+35 15574 2230 458 147 Poison 53646G 106G Diamond Blitz Blade Simple Armor Simple Armor Hoi Poi Pouch #18 Gold Ring III White Chocobo #88 White Chocobo #21 Spinach Hoi Poi Pouch #2 White Chocobo #49 White Chocobo #23 White Chocobo #24 Cayenne Hoi Poi Pouch #24 Cursed Armor White Chocobo #37 Zoisite Stone Sturdy Gloves Killing License Baronet Ring White Chocobo #21 Cursed Armor II Asura Violin Legendary Shield Turkey Costume Simple Armor Chocobo White Chocobo #19 White Chocobo #17 White Chocobo #19 Bronze Chocobo #22 White Chocobo #22 Killing License Hoi Poi Pouch #24 Cursed Armor Hoi Poi Pouch #18 Gold Ring Jun-Kat's Ring Fine Armor Jun-Kat's Ring Ginseng Jun-Kat's Ring Fine Ring Cursed Armor VIII Rare Gold Medal Rlng 0f Fir3 Killing License Power Water Platina Blitz Blade Nephrite Stone Elegant Armor Simple Shield Jun-Kat's Ring Jun-Kat's Ring Simple Armor Marvelous Armor Miso Power Water Jun-Kat's Ring Hoi Poi Pouch #19 Fine Ring Mission Changer Power Water Asura Knife Cursed Armor II Cursed Armor II White Chocobo #8 Blue Chocobo #10 White Chocobo #10 Jun-Kat's Ring Killing License White Chocobo #17 White Chocobo #21 Chocobo White Chocobo #20 White Chocobo #11 Chocobo Chocobo Chocobo Hoi Poi Pouch #21 Hoi Poi Pouch #19 Fine Gloves Simple Armor White Chocobo #18 White Chocobo #22 White Chocobo #21 White Chocobo #19 Marvelous Armor Simple Armor Simple Shield Fine Gloves Asura Sword Steel Shield Gold Medal White Chocobo #40 Valkyrie-VII's Champion Chocobo #43 Blue Chocobo #12 Blue Chocobo #12 Chocobo Chocobo #18 Chocobo White Chocobo #11 White Chocobo #10 White Chocobo #20 White Chocobo #19 Hoi Poi Pouch #25 Killing License Killing License Hoi Poi Pouch #21 Marquess Armor Hoi Poi Pouch #9 Fine Armor Fine Gloves Reloadable's Ring Melon White Chocobo #21 Silver Blitz Blade Fine Armor Hoi Poi Pouch #19 Fine Gloves Simple Armor Simple Armor Cartel Marvelous Armor Asura Axe Simple Armor White Chocobo #44 Chocobo Fine Gloves Fine Gloves Jun-Kat's Ring Mission Changer Simple Shield Simple Shield Melon White Chocobo #7 Jun-Kat's Ring Jun-Kat's Ring Zoisite Stone Chicken Zoisite Stone Jun-Kat's Ring Cartel Bazaar Ticket Simple Armor Hoi Poi Pouch #18 Fine Ring Power Water Jun-Kat's Ring Fine Gloves Chocobo Fine Gloves Chocobo Saint Ring Fine Gloves Kiss my ax Fine Gloves Cartel Simple Shield Hoi Poi Pouch #16 Cartel Chicken Jun-Kat's Ring Silver Chocobo #29 Power Water Melon Jun-Kat's Ring Ambigram Box Reloadable's Ring Fine Gloves Blue Chocobo #14 Fine Gloves Melon Jun-Kat's Ring Fine Knife Marvelous Bow Marvelous Bow Fine Knife Fine Ring Fine Ring Fine Shield Hoi Poi Pouch #15 Fine Armor Simple Axe Simple Armor Fine Ring Suicide Ring Saint Armor Simple Shield One Star Ball Fallen Angel's Chocobo Fine Shield Fine Violin Fine Armor Melon Allspice Mithril Ring Fine Shield Fine Shield Holy Water Fine Gloves Hoi Poi Pouch #18 Shi3ld 0f Drag0n Blitz Sword III Fine Gloves Fine Bow Ambigram Box Simple Ring ionic armor Kunzite Stone Magic Recipe Magic Recipe White Coupon Cryptex White Coupon Mushroom Three Star Ball White Coupon White Coupon White Chocobo #32 White Coupon White Coupon Chocobo White Coupon Five Star Ball Baby Chocobo #63 Melon White Coupon Reloadable's Ring Six Star Ball Blue Chocobo #6 Round Shield Gilded Armor Square Shield Shard of Glass Saber Blitz Knife II Marvelous Axe Black Chocobo #13 White Coupon Simple Gloves Two Star Ball White Coupon Power Water White Coupon Four Star Ball Silver Bar Seven Star Ball Dragon Seed White Coupon Dragon Seed White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon Apple Dragon Seed Bazaar Ticket Dragon Seed Apple White Coupon Cryptex Fine Gloves Earl Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Gloves Marvelous Gloves Marvelous Gloves TenOfHearts Yellow Flag VII Light Plaster EightOfDiamonds SixOfHearts Light Sparkler Dragon Seed Melon Fine Amulet Silver Bar Melon Baronet Amulet Spunky Flute II Power Water Armor of Dynasts Simple Shield White Coupon Talisman mkV
104looniaknibe Nomad ???
Roam 0193 0 0 26 529 0 0 Poison 1042G 104G Light Grass
104Abranifeasire Warrioress ???
Roam 0541 0 0 26 497 0 0 Poison 1013G 104G Light Plaster
104Michaelmr Lancer ???
Roam 0565 0 0 26 522 0 0 Poison 1015G 104G Light Plaster
104nothatsu Marionette =NPC= Aracknid, I beated Mika!
Town 5041 6 4 18 126 0 0 Poison 362G 104G Popcorn EightOfClubs Cryptex Ingot Firecracker Simple Axe Dragon Seed Marvelous Sword Marvelous Knife White Coupon Marvelous Amulet White Coupon Marvelous Violin White Coupon Marvelous Axe White Coupon Marvelous Bow White Coupon Marvelous Armor White Coupon Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring
96AVoIPbap Adventurer ???
Roam 0211 0 0 24 528 0 0 Poison 986G 96G Light Grass
96AndrewMt Warrioress ???
Roam 0548 0 0 24 491 0 0 Poison 980G 96G Light Sparkler
96Nozarna #30 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4012 15 13 29 156 1 10 Normal 57G 96G Light Sparkler Walnut
96Ashtabar #20 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4148 17 14 16 150 0 12 Normal 0G 96G Light Sparkler
96Celsian #36 Marionette =NPC= Celcia, Valkyrie-VII hit me!
Town 5007 3 1 16 141 0 0 Poison 207G 96G Popcorn Mushroom SevenOfClubs Bronze Bar Light Plaster ThreeOfSpades Light Banner Banner Red Chocobo #2 Bronze Bar Ingot Dragon Seed
92Legendary Exaultios Legend Onto victory! Onto Glory! Onwards I go, down my perilous road! WOOT LES GO BEAT ME!
Grave 6032 2 3 84 539 1 19 Death 462G 92G FiveOfSpades Power Water Light Sparkler Light Banner Red Chocobo #6 Lamb Yellow Flag VI Power Water Quarrel Grass Power Water Dragon Seed
90Reload Ninja Kill me! Trade my stellatio! This account is no longer very active.
Town 0085 3+2 2+2 1608 551 21 76 Normal 22041G 90G Gold Medal Bronze Medal Mission Changer Mission Changer Silver Chocobo #19 Silver Medal Mission Changer Mission Changer Melon Secret Memo Melon Melon Rhythmic Vibraphone Mushroom Saint Shield White Coupon White Coupon Herb Saxophone White Chocobo Power Water Melon Blue Chocobo #14 White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon Simple Violin Simple Shield Secret Memo Melon Power Water MoldedWater Gold Bar Power Water Light Plaster White Coupon Blue Dagger-CHD Four Star Ball Melon Light Banner Light Grass MoldedWater Power Water Potato Mayonnaise Melon Light Sparkler Simple Bow Simple Shield Power Water Melon Blue Chocobo #4 Dragon Seed Celcia Beheading Light Gloves Power Water
90Solenho #6 Evil Saiyan ???
Town 4044 16 14 30 79 1 12 Normal 0G 90G Light Grass
90Laquios #2 Evil Saiyan ???
Grave 4080 18 13 36 265 5 14 Death 0G 90G Dragon Seed
90Legendary Kris Ong Legend POISON ME! ITEM WANTED! -> food, hiding tools, suicide shield, thorny shield, cursed weapons/armor/ring, saint armor/ring/shield, growing armor/shield/ring, RARE WEAPONS.. and knapsacks!...
Grave 6012 6 6 85 614 9 6 Death 803G 90G Walnut Dragon Seed
88WilliamMi Ascetic ???
Roam 0357 0 0 22 488 0 0 Poison 943G 88G Light Sparkler
88Pomioscileson Warrioress ???
Roam 0395 0 0 22 513 0 0 Poison 916G 88G Light Sparkler
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Script Of Saga II Ver 1.10