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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
30Legendary Dlian Legend DTX:11 Hello everyone.Please sent me Every Taste Beans if you don't need them. I am using the bazaar skill. I sell items as follows. If a food raises the life...
Bazaar 6033 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 12658G 0G Marvelous Gloves[3,3](130) Talisman I(16) Quarrel Grass(22) Quarrel Grass(22) Fine Sword[2,0](70) Talisman I(16) Pudding(40) Blitz Knife[0,0](250) Chocolate(37) Quarrel Grass(22) Bandage(19) Fine Knife[2,0](70) Fine Knife[2,0](70) HerbChicken(40) Chocolate(37) Talisman I(16) Pudding(40) Pudding(40)
29Legendary Mico Legend DTX:11 REV:21 Turmeric is Price:20G Spec:[5,0] Spice !!...
Bazaar 6002 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 3549G 0G Fine Armor[0,2](70) Baronet Amulet[0,0](250) Saint Armor[0,2](70) Talisman II(22) Fine Shield[0,2](70) Fine Amulet[2,0](70) Baronet Amulet[0,0](250) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Talisman II(22) Firecracker(25) Bandage(19) Fine Violin[1,2](70) Girandole(40)
25Ukats Admin I'm the administrator of this game. Please let me know any trouble.
Town 0001 0+7 0+9 385 1177 3 80 Normal 34774G 80G Medal Medal Light Ring Light Ring Field of Leliel Spunky Bow Zambatou Zeus's Axe Armor of Kings Simple Shield Sardonyx Ring Simple Amulet Masamune TabascoSauce Simple Amulet Feather Amulet Field of Gagiel Antiquated Lute Antiquated Lute Light Amulet Gandalf's Amulet Firecracker Simple Gloves Banner Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Secret Memo Simple Bow Bouquet Light Armor Curetana Simple Ring Chalcedony Ring Saint Sword II Light Knife Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet SoySauce Field of Matriel Secret Memo Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Feather Shield Death Grass Secret Memo Abnormal Shield Quarrel Grass Bouquet Bouquet Spunky Knife II Bouquet Bouquet TenOfClubs TenOfHearts Dragon Seed White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon EightOfSpades Dragon Seed Dragon Seed Light Banner Simple Axe Simple Knife Walnut Mission Changer Light Sparkler Light Plaster MoldedWater Light Grass Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Medal Dragon Seed Simple Bow Herb Secret Memo Walnut Pineapple Egg Simple Armor Banner Celliac Bouquet Gold Bar Simple Knife Bouquet Bouquet Bouquet Secret Memo Gold Necklace Fine Armor Herb Field of Arel Banner Holy Water XO Slytherin's Banner Zantetsuken Simple Knife Field of Shamsiel Baby Chocobo #18 Green Chocobo Old Clarinet
20Legendary STELLA Legendary Tycoon DTX:11 I am a Chef. My birthday is on Sep. 12. I sell happiness to you. I was awarded 7 Silver Trophys. I know a secret of Silver Trophy. ...
Bazaar 6020 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 4090G 0G Marvelous Knife[3,0](130) Baronet Ring[0,4](250) Bandage(19) Power Water(25) Quarrel Grass(22) Marvelous Ring[1,2](130) Clash Grass(28) Walnut(19) Firecracker(25) Firecracker(25) Baronet Ring[0,4](250) Bandage(19) Smash Grass(34) Fine Knife[2,0](70) Fine Knife[2,0](70) HerbLamb(46) Girandole(40) HerbLamb(46)
6Legendary Yaoi Legend Finally decided to recreate my old character. Buy anything you want from me. Feel free to message me if you want me to try and sell a certain item. I'll...
Town 6004 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 6802G 0G Fine Violin[1,2](90)
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