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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
WarrioressMarikaPot Warrioress ???
Town 0270 0 0 1 21 0 0 Normal 521G 4G Light Sparkler
WarrioressThomasnaw Warrioress ???
Town 0373 0 0 0 13 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Grass
WarrioressPomioscileson Warrioress ???
Roam 0395 0 0 22 513 0 0 Poison 916G 88G Light Sparkler
WarrioressThomasbox Warrioress ???
Town 0429 0 0 0 2 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Sparkler
WarrioressCedeancedahar Warrioress ???
Roam 0440 0 0 20 481 0 0 Poison 884G 80G Light Sparkler
WarrioressMandyslx Warrioress ???
Roam 0523 0 0 16 497 0 0 Poison 812G 76G Light Plaster
WarrioressAbranifeasire Warrioress ???
Roam 0541 0 0 26 497 0 0 Poison 1013G 104G Light Plaster
WarrioressAndrewMt Warrioress ???
Roam 0548 0 0 24 491 0 0 Poison 980G 96G Light Sparkler
WarrioressShellyGab Warrioress ???
Town 0574 0 0 2 11 0 0 Normal 542G 8G Light Banner
WarrioressOrlandofed Warrioress ???
Town 0585 0 0 3 40 0 0 Poison 554G 12G Light Sparkler
WarrioressDonaldEvast Warrioress ???
Town 0631 0 0 1 32 0 0 Normal 521G 4G Light Sparkler
Warrioressagerrefipling Warrioress ???
Town 0662 0 0 1 33 0 0 Normal 510G 4G Light Sparkler
WarrioressTomasOxymn Warrioress ???
Town 0685 0 0 0 10 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Plaster
WarrioressTerryDes Warrioress ???
Town 0741 0 0 0 17 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Plaster
WarrioressBillyPlaug Warrioress ???
Town 0828 0 0 0 20 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Banner
WarrioressAnthonyPrino Warrioress ???
Town 0844 0 0 2 18 0 0 Normal 542G 8G None
WarrioressCharlesreale Warrioress ???
Town 0852 0 0 0 13 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Sparkler
Weapon CreatorReloading Weapon Creator Only the best weapons available here! Test them out on my fellows, [0085] and [0087]!
Town 0233 0 0 2198 518 27 16 Normal 101016G 0G Jedyte Stone[1,0](50) Jedyte Stone[1,0](50) Jedyte Stone[1,0](50) Suicide Ring II[3,-2](300) Reloading's Shield Zoisite Stone[1,0](100) Nephrite Stone[1,0](100) Jedyte Stone[1,0](50) Nephrite Stone[1,0](100) Medal Reloading's Armor Reloading's Armor Nephrite Stone[1,0](100) Reloading's Armor Medal Medal Bewitching Ring[1,2](298) Impregnable Shield[0,3](850) Reloading's Armor Reloading's Armor Silver Medal Justice Ring[1,3](900) Mithril Ring[2,2](450) Cursed Sword[4,-2](800) Steel Shield[0,3](400) Bouquet Reloading's Shield Suicide Ring[3,-3](200) Suicide Armor[1,-2](300) Marvelous Violin Secret Memo Bronze Medal Hephaistos Hammer Claimh Solais[4,0](999) Jedyte Stone[1,0](50) Title of RPS Master (7) Elven Dagger[5,0](1000) Gold Pendant[3,1](500) Turquoise Ring[3,1](900) Diamond Ring[3,2](900) Cursed Flute[4,-2](240) Sturdy Bow[3,1](243) Secret Memo Guibu's Bow[4,2](600) Guibu's Bow[4,2](600) Impregnable Shield[0,3](622) Reloading's Armor Justice Bow[3,1](965) Sturdy Shield[0,3](235) White Coupon Marvelous Ring[1,2](120) Suicide Armor[1,-2](227) Secret Memo Steel Shield[0,3](922) Jedyte Ring[2,1](121) Diamond Earrings[3,1](750) Secret Memo Gold Necklace[3,1](500) Zoisite Stone[1,0](179) Dragon Seed Dragon Seed Killing License Bronze Medal White Coupon Ruby Ring[3,0](628) Secret Memo Light Armor[0,2](500) Secret Memo Curetana[4,0](800) Sword of Strage Hanging[4,0](800) Reloading Sword-IMP[4,0](500) Reloading Ring-RBN[2,2](500) Reloading's Armor White Coupon Reloading's Armor Steel Shield[0,3](924) Nasu no Yoichi's Bow[4,2](600) White Chocobo Grail Sword[4,0](500) Gold Anklets[3,1](400) Sturdy Shield[0,3](382) Critical Bow[2,1](885) Marvelous Shield[0,3](114) Marvelous Ring[1,2](91) Marvelous Bow[3,1](120) Baby Chocobo #53 Yellow Chocobo #12 Justice Sword[3,0](333) Saint Shield III[0,4](200) Cats Eye Ring[3,1](500) White Chocobo Jedyte Ring[2,1](132) Bloody Knife[4,0](400) Sapphire Ring[3,0](893) Saffron(185) Nine Ring[3,1](500) Melon Wine Nephrite Stone[1,0](115) Jedyte Stone[1,0](85) Nephrite Stone[1,0](55) Zoisite Stone[1,0](171) Zoisite Stone[1,0](171) Ruby Ring[3,0](924) Carnelian Ring[3,1](400) Sequence[4,0](500) Wine Sturdy Sword[3,0](100) Saint Ring[0,2](92) Mission Changer Saint Amulet III[4,0](200) Reloading Ring-BWI[2,2](500) Dragon Seed Wine Apollon's Lyre NuocMam(50) Wasabi(185) Marvelous Shield[0,3](108) Critical Knife[2,0](1001) Mint(50) Cursed Flute[4,-2](745) Wine Holy Water(85) Secret Memo Jedyte Ring[2,1](128) Dragon Seed Sturdy Armor[0,3](309) Melon Reloading's Armor Candy(11) Reloading's Shield Walnut Reloading's Dagger Reloading Bow-CHD[4,1](500) Sturdy Bow[3,1](112) Fine Sword[2,0](63) Baked Potato Fine Sword[2,0](55) Fine Bow[2,1](56) Fine Bow[2,1](60) Fine Shield[0,2](68) Fine Bow[2,1](58) Fine Axe[3,0](67) Fine Sword[2,0](69) Bewitching Harp[3,0](600) Cinnamon(139) Caraway(194) Jedyte Ring[2,1](125) MoldedWater Six Star Ball Walnut MoldedWater Three Star Ball Every Taste Beans(Denim) Two Star Ball Mithril Piece Justice Sword[3,0](438) Sturdy Axe[4,0](142) Big Sword[2,0](54) Fine Axe[3,0](78) White Coupon White Coupon Mithril Piece Antidote Armor[0,3](606) Walnut Reloadable's Ring Melon Fine Knife[2,0](63) White Coupon Fine Bow[2,1](57) White Coupon Simple Sword[1,0](34) Simple Armor[0,1](22) Simple Sword[1,0](32) Simple Shield[0,1](32) White Coupon Simple Armor[0,1](27) Melon White Coupon Reloading's Armor Walnut Fine Axe[3,0](68) White Coupon Fine Bow[2,1](57) White Coupon Simple Violin Justice Ring[1,3](833) Melon Cryptex White Chocobo Walnut Melon Melon Simple Armor[0,1](20) Mayonnaise Melon Simple Ring[0,1](21) Melon Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Wine Simple Sword[1,0](20) Chicken Stale Lembas Five Star Ball White Chocobo Secret Memo Every Taste Beans(Yellow Rose) Every Taste Beans(Denim) Every Taste Beans(Summer Sky) Field of Shamsiel[0,3](914) Chocobo(206) Antidote Shield[0,3](955) Sturdy Gloves[3,3](148) Gold Bar Seven Star Ball Seven Star Ball Power Water
Weapon Shopnikagreiexono Weapon Shop ???
Roam 0268 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 500G 0G None
WholesalerLuc Wholesaler If it doesn't make me money...I don't do it
Town 0006 0 0 546 175 8 10 Normal 58275G 0G Feather Armor Rose Bouquet Hoi Poi Pouch #4 Spade Armor Dragon Seed Nephrite Stone[1,0](113) Nephrite Stone[1,0](53) White Coupon Dragon Seed Mithril Piece White Coupon Mithril Piece Hoi Poi Pouch #29 Hoi Poi Pouch #30 White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon Gold Bracelets Turquoise Ring Classic Viola Field of Leliel Mithril Piece Field of Shamsiel[0,3](958) White Coupon Suicide Ring[3,-3](268) Field of Lilith Tell's Bow Light Shield Zambatou[4,0](1914) White Chocobo Saint Gloves IV RosePetals Field of Gagiel Zantetsuken Rosemary White Coupon Rhythmic Vibraphone[4,3](1700) Gold Bar Gold Bar Bronze Bar Nine Ring San Frecce Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Ippo's Gloves Two Star Ball Cryptex Mission Changer White Chocobo Power Water Agate Ring Power Water White Coupon Cryptex Cryptex Saint Amulet IV Gold Bar Four Star Ball Power Water Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Wine(33) Amano Murakumo Gold Bar One Star Ball Power Water Cryptex Cryptex Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Wine Spunky Ring II Six Star Ball Old Clarinet Gold Bar Five Star Ball Seven Star Ball Seven Star Ball
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