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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
Legendary FateLegendary Fate Legend I'm a *RABBIT CLAN* fighter! I'll take anyone on! Even other clan members, if they want. :P
Grave 6039 6 2 87 380 15 13 Death 1146G 18G Light Banner Power Water Dragon Seed
Legendary GamerLegendary Gamer Legend I've returned!
Bazaar 6006 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 4984G 0G Fine Knife[2,0](70) Walnut(19) Fine Violin[1,2](70) Fine Knife[2,0](70) Fine Sword[2,0](70) Fine Ring[1,1](70) Marvelous Shield[0,3](130) Fine Violin[1,2](70) Tenacious Spear[2,0](70) Walnut(19)
Legendary GokuLegendary Goku Legend I'm looking for Dragon Balls, but it's difficult to find'em out.
Grave 6023 0 2 61 454 2 18 Death 465G 24G Dragon Seed Dragon Seed Marvelous Knife Marvelous Amulet White Coupon White Coupon Marvelous Bow White Coupon Marvelous Armor White Coupon Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring White Coupon
Legendary JaaLegendary Jaa Legend I'm Jaa, I like muetai , I love Matsune Miku!
Grave 6009 1 8 101 509 12 14 Death 729G 0G Light Sparkler Dragon Seed Marvelous Sword Marvelous Wand Marvelous Violin Marvelous Armor Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring White Coupon
Legendary Jamming NinjaLegendary Jamming Ninja Legend ITEM WANTED! Second class weapons!
Town 6037 2 7 114 504 24 21 Normal 917G 8G Dragon Seed White Coupon Marvelous Armor White Coupon White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring White Coupon
Legendary Kris OngLegendary Kris Ong Legend POISON ME! ITEM WANTED! -> food, hiding tools, suicide shield, thorny shield, cursed weapons/armor/ring, saint armor/ring/shield, growing armor/shield/ring, RARE WEAPONS.. and knapsacks!...
Grave 6012 6 6 85 614 9 6 Death 803G 90G Walnut Dragon Seed
Legendary LucLegendary Luc Legend DTX:11 NOTICE! I've Traveled Far And Wide Translating Runes To Create Weapons...
Bazaar 6003 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 5133G 0G Marvelous Sword[3,0](130) Fine Gloves[2,2](70) Fine Amulet[2,0](70) Fine Shield[0,2](70) Trump(34) Fine Axe[3,0](70) Marvelous Sword[3,0](130) Fine Violin[1,2](70) Fine Sword[2,0](70) Fine Sword[2,0](70) Baronet Ring[0,4](250) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Marvelous Bow[3,1](130) Marvelous Armor[0,3](130) Marvelous Knife[3,0](130)
Legendary MaikoLegendary Maiko Legend =The Black Knights= I am just a normal Prince managing may peaceful kingdom. I live happily with my villagers until a big shooting star fell. It split into numberless...
Grave 6017 3 11 177 705 28 17 Death 1100G 42G Dragon Seed White Coupon Marvelous Violin Marvelous Axe Marvelous Bow Marvelous Armor Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield Marvelous Ring White Coupon
Legendary MichiruLegendary Michiru Legendary Creator DTX:11 So much ingredients and seasonings~! What must I make next...
Bazaar 6011 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 5953G 0G Chocolate(37) Chicken(25) Fine Sword[2,0](70) Chocolate(37)
Legendary MicoLegendary Mico Legend DTX:11 REV:21 Turmeric is Price:20G Spec:[5,0] Spice !!...
Bazaar 6002 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 3549G 0G Fine Armor[0,2](70) Baronet Amulet[0,0](250) Saint Armor[0,2](70) Talisman II(22) Fine Shield[0,2](70) Fine Amulet[2,0](70) Baronet Amulet[0,0](250) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Talisman II(22) Firecracker(25) Bandage(19) Fine Violin[1,2](70) Girandole(40)
Legendary MikaLegendary Mika Legendary Millionaire Everything went by so fast...
Grave 6025 1 17 200 404 38 8 Death 1170G 0G Light Sparkler Simple Axe Light Plaster Light Sparkler Cryptex Ointment ColdWater Saint Shield Light Grass SixOfClubs Dragon Seed
Legendary Missy TannenbaumLegendary Missy Tannenbaum Legend After some good sales in the past week, bows are this store's new item! Pick some up to finish your Stella Quest in style!
Town 6021 1 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 5859G 0G Marvelous Bow[3,1](170) Marvelous Gloves[3,3](170) Marvelous Knife[3,0](170) Marvelous Bow[3,1](170)
Legendary MizukiLegendary Mizuki Legend DTX:11 REV:21 NOTICE! I collect all kinds of Bouquets!
Town 6035 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 2633G 0G Quarrel Grass(26) Fine Violin[1,2](90) Baronet Amulet[0,0](330) Fine Violin[1,2](90) Bandage(22) Joker(110) Ointment(30) Trump(42) Ointment(30) Fine Amulet[2,0](90) Ointment(30) Fire Flowers(38) Fine Violin[1,2](90)
Legendary MotoLegendary Moto Legendary Stellamaster DTX:11 I am the Stellamaster.Bye everyone!!...
Town 6016 5 9 114 456 30 11 Normal 1227G 0G NineOfHearts Potato Light Sparkler Ingot Venomed Grass Dragon Seed
Legendary RadHazLegendary RadHaz Legend what ever.
Grave 6008 4 5 31 178 1 7 Death 419G 0G Yellow Flag V
Legendary RobimpoLegendary Robimpo Legend (]=Newbz=[)hmmmm, if i die that would hurt (]Highest bounty:1673G[)...
Grave 6031 5 5 57 317 7 8 Death 715G 54G SixOfSpades Light Plaster FourOfClubs Light Grass Dragon Seed
Legendary RobimpoHLegendary RobimpoH Legend DTX:11 REV:21 Hoi Poi 37 is ingots.... 6 is herbs.........
Town 6001 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 5757G 0G Marvelous Violin[2,3](170) Ointment(30) Fine Axe[3,0](90) Fine Violin[1,2](90) Trump(42) Marvelous Violin[2,3](170) Quarrel Grass(26)
Legendary STELLALegendary STELLA Legendary Tycoon DTX:11 I am a Chef. My birthday is on Sep. 12. I sell happiness to you. I was awarded 7 Silver Trophys. I know a secret of Silver Trophy. ...
Bazaar 6020 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 4090G 0G Marvelous Knife[3,0](130) Baronet Ring[0,4](250) Bandage(19) Power Water(25) Quarrel Grass(22) Marvelous Ring[1,2](130) Clash Grass(28) Walnut(19) Firecracker(25) Firecracker(25) Baronet Ring[0,4](250) Bandage(19) Smash Grass(34) Fine Knife[2,0](70) Fine Knife[2,0](70) HerbLamb(46) Girandole(40) HerbLamb(46)
Legendary THEmagicMANLegendary THEmagicMAN Legend ???
Grave 6019 4 1 13 154 0 9 Death 227G 32G Red Chocobo #2 Clash Grass Ingot TwoOfDiamonds Dragon Seed
Legendary TaisukeLegendary Taisuke Legendary Dynast highest bounty 3943G. Kill me if you can!!!
Grave 6030 3 11 71 287 8 8 Death 771G 24G Dragon Seed
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