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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
Legendary UsagiLegendary Usagi Legendary Altruist NOTICE! Be sure to click more to see the clan members!NOTICE! I'm taking applications for the *RABBIT CLAN* . If you're interested in joining, first read the rules...
Town 6014 7 8 114 595 19 7 Normal 1330G 16G White Coupon ColdWater Walnut Saint Armor Light Plaster Dragon Seed
Legendary ValkyrieLegendary Valkyrie Legendary Bigshot ITEM WANTED! rare,saint,growing,skilled equipment,grasses,food,decoy,and others ^^...
Grave 6010 4 21 95 136 27 8 Death 1494G 18G NineOfSpades Liquor Herb Herb TwoOfSpades Demoniac Grass
Legendary WaterLegendary Water Legend It sucks when you want to help someone, but you cant cause they live so far away, it makes you feel horible knowing theres nothing you can do to help someone you care for......
Grave 6005 0 4 109 819 0 16 Death 656G 88G White Coupon Bronze Bar Red Chocobo #2 Silver Bar White Coupon Silver Bar White Coupon Silver Bar White Coupon Silver Bar White Coupon Silver Bar White Coupon Silver Bar White Coupon
Legendary YaoiLegendary Yaoi Legend Finally decided to recreate my old character. Buy anything you want from me. Feel free to message me if you want me to try and sell a certain item. I'll...
Town 6004 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 6802G 0G Fine Violin[1,2](90)
Legendary YuriLegendary Yuri Legend Hi! Buy weapons from my other account Yaoi (0011) or Ecchi (0019)....
Grave 6029 3 15 162 282 28 6 Death 1860G 16G Light Banner Red Chocobo #8 Saint Armor Dragon Seed
Legendary ZenibaLegendary Zeniba Legend ???
Bazaar 6013 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 6521G 0G Fine Ring[1,1](70) Quarrel Grass(22) Marvelous Axe[4,0](130) Marvelous Armor[0,3](130) Ointment(25) Walnut(19) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Fine Armor[0,2](70) Quarrel Grass(22) Vengeful Spear[3,0](130) Marvelous Violin[2,3](130) Black Joker(160) Chicken(25)
Legendary ckinokiLegendary ckinoki Legendary Liberator Me, too!
Grave 6007 12 8 68 376 9 11 Death 1081G 0G FiveOfHearts Chicken ColdWater Dragon Seed
Legendary shizoLegendary shizo Legend The Phenix has abandoned the life of constant violence that he knew for so long. He has turned to aiding the brave warriors that he once slew so mercilessly....
Town 6034 0 0 0 0 0 0 Normal 7910G 0G Marvelous Axe[4,0](170) Marvelous Amulet[3,0](170) Marvelous Amulet[3,0](170) Baronet Shield[0,4](330) Baronet Amulet[0,0](330) Marvelous Ring[1,2](170) Joker(110) Fine Gloves[2,2](90) Fine Amulet[2,0](90) Marvelous Shield[0,3](170) Fine Shield[0,2](90) Joker(110) Baronet Shield[0,4](330) Marvelous Amulet[3,0](170) Marvelous Knife[3,0](170) Trump(42)
Legendary theMAGICmanLegendary theMAGICman Legend i know the ways of the wand
Town 6026 4 2 121 770 4 8 Normal 901G 56G Light Plaster Trump Light Banner EightOfSpades Red Chocobo #5 Light Banner SevenOfClubs Death Grass Walnut Simple Violin Popcorn ThreeOfClubs Dragon Seed
LeslieRoxLeslieRox Nomad ???
Town 0167 0 0 1 62 0 0 Normal 521G 4G Light Plaster
LionkeyncLionkeync Adventurer ???
Town 0813 0 0 2 27 0 0 Normal 542G 8G Light Sparkler
LouisrobLouisrob Soldier ???
Town 0238 0 1 1 11 0 0 Poison 522G 4G Light Banner
LstrIsodoLstrIsodo Soldier ???
Town 0229 0 1 0 65 0 0 Poison 500G 0G Light Plaster
LubosSorLubosSor Guard ???
Town 0915 0 0 1 12 0 0 Normal 521G 4G Light Plaster
LucLuc Wholesaler If it doesn't make me money...I don't do it
Town 0006 0 0 546 175 8 10 Normal 58275G 0G Feather Armor Rose Bouquet Hoi Poi Pouch #4 Spade Armor Dragon Seed Nephrite Stone[1,0](113) Nephrite Stone[1,0](53) White Coupon Dragon Seed Mithril Piece White Coupon Mithril Piece Hoi Poi Pouch #29 Hoi Poi Pouch #30 White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon White Coupon Gold Bracelets Turquoise Ring Classic Viola Field of Leliel Mithril Piece Field of Shamsiel[0,3](958) White Coupon Suicide Ring[3,-3](268) Field of Lilith Tell's Bow Light Shield Zambatou[4,0](1914) White Chocobo Saint Gloves IV RosePetals Field of Gagiel Zantetsuken Rosemary White Coupon Rhythmic Vibraphone[4,3](1700) Gold Bar Gold Bar Bronze Bar Nine Ring San Frecce Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Cryptex Ippo's Gloves Two Star Ball Cryptex Mission Changer White Chocobo Power Water Agate Ring Power Water White Coupon Cryptex Cryptex Saint Amulet IV Gold Bar Four Star Ball Power Water Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Wine(33) Amano Murakumo Gold Bar One Star Ball Power Water Cryptex Cryptex Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Wine Spunky Ring II Six Star Ball Old Clarinet Gold Bar Five Star Ball Seven Star Ball Seven Star Ball
LucilleomimbLucilleomimb Thief ???
Town 0672 0 0 0 17 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Grass
LutherJeokyLutherJeoky Cultist ???
Town 0295 0 1 1 12 0 0 Normal 521G 4G Light Sparkler
MacadOxypeMacadOxype Lancer ???
Town 0186 0 0 0 2 0 0 Normal 500G 0G Light Sparkler
MandyslxMandyslx Warrioress ???
Roam 0523 0 0 16 497 0 0 Poison 812G 76G Light Plaster
MarcusMiMarcusMi Poet ???
Roam 0293 0 0 21 479 0 0 Poison 949G 84G Light Plaster
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