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Place ID Atc Def Win Lose Kill Die Stat Money Bounty Items
0Legendary Maiko Legend =The Black Knights= I am just a normal Prince managing may peaceful kingdom. I live happily with my villagers until a big shooting star fell. It split into numberless...
Grave 6017 3 11 177 705 28 17 Death 1100G 42G Dragon Seed White Coupon Marvelous Violin Marvelous Axe Marvelous Bow Marvelous Armor Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield Marvelous Ring White Coupon
0Legendary AfroThunder Legend WAAAAAZZZABIEE
Grave 6018 3 4 65 251 2 9 Death 771G 64G Herb Light Grass Light Sparkler Light Sparkler FiveOfHearts Light Sparkler Dragon Seed
0Legendary THEmagicMAN Legend ???
Grave 6019 4 1 13 154 0 9 Death 227G 32G Red Chocobo #2 Clash Grass Ingot TwoOfDiamonds Dragon Seed
0Legendary Fallen Angel Legend I am phoenix i will raise from my ashes m [N]Leader of saints realm highest weekly battle points 221848 secret depository solved 1888, 1889,1895,1896,1898...
Grave 6022 8 25 163 239 40 10 Death 2444G 12G Power Water SixOfSpades Light Banner Light Grass White Coupon Ingot TwoOfSpades Dragon Seed
0Legendary Goku Legend I'm looking for Dragon Balls, but it's difficult to find'em out.
Grave 6023 0 2 61 454 2 18 Death 465G 24G Dragon Seed Dragon Seed Marvelous Knife Marvelous Amulet White Coupon White Coupon Marvelous Bow White Coupon Marvelous Armor White Coupon Marvelous Gloves White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring White Coupon
0Legendary Mika Legendary Millionaire Everything went by so fast...
Grave 6025 1 17 200 404 38 8 Death 1170G 0G Light Sparkler Simple Axe Light Plaster Light Sparkler Cryptex Ointment ColdWater Saint Shield Light Grass SixOfClubs Dragon Seed
0Legendary theMAGICman Legend i know the ways of the wand
Town 6026 4 2 121 770 4 8 Normal 901G 56G Light Plaster Trump Light Banner EightOfSpades Red Chocobo #5 Light Banner SevenOfClubs Death Grass Walnut Simple Violin Popcorn ThreeOfClubs Dragon Seed
0Legendary Doreen Sunshine Legend Leader of Black Winged Tiger the old name or second name-"The Black Winged Tigers"NOTICE! NOTICE! I am the leader of the "Black Winged Tiger", and I will deside if I want you to join. ...
Grave 6028 8 1 51 546 2 3 Death 490G 20G Lembas Dragon Seed
0Legendary Yuri Legend Hi! Buy weapons from my other account Yaoi (0011) or Ecchi (0019)....
Grave 6029 3 15 162 282 28 6 Death 1860G 16G Light Banner Red Chocobo #8 Saint Armor Dragon Seed
0Legendary Taisuke Legendary Dynast highest bounty 3943G. Kill me if you can!!!
Grave 6030 3 11 71 287 8 8 Death 771G 24G Dragon Seed
0Legendary Robimpo Legend (]=Newbz=[)hmmmm, if i die that would hurt (]Highest bounty:1673G[)...
Grave 6031 5 5 57 317 7 8 Death 715G 54G SixOfSpades Light Plaster FourOfClubs Light Grass Dragon Seed
0Legendary Exaultios Legend Onto victory! Onto Glory! Onwards I go, down my perilous road! WOOT LES GO BEAT ME!
Grave 6032 2 3 84 539 1 19 Death 462G 92G FiveOfSpades Power Water Light Sparkler Light Banner Red Chocobo #6 Lamb Yellow Flag VI Power Water Quarrel Grass Power Water Dragon Seed
0Legendary Jamming Ninja Legend ITEM WANTED! Second class weapons!
Town 6037 2 7 114 504 24 21 Normal 917G 8G Dragon Seed White Coupon Marvelous Armor White Coupon White Coupon Marvelous Shield White Coupon Marvelous Ring White Coupon
0Legendary Dialga Legend BEAT ME! POISON ME!
Town 6038 4 9 116 369 27 5 Normal 1109G 842G Light Sparkler Walnut FiveOfClubs Light Grass FiveOfHearts Red Chocobo #6 Light Grass FiveOfSpades Popcorn Red Chocobo #6 Liquor Dragon Seed
0Legendary Fate Legend I'm a *RABBIT CLAN* fighter! I'll take anyone on! Even other clan members, if they want. :P
Grave 6039 6 2 87 380 15 13 Death 1146G 18G Light Banner Power Water Dragon Seed
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Script Of Saga II Ver 1.10