<Basic Flow of Stella Quest>
Flow The purpose of this game is not defined. You may aim at the hero, aim at the millionaire, or you may select an easygoing life. However, you probably want to be stronger, to have higher skills, to have items more, or anything like that. In that case, there are two ways to upgrade your status. One is "power up" with Stellatio, and the other is "class up" with money. Both of them are not easy way. You have to look for items, sell items, or fight with strong fighters to achieve your objective.

<Do and Don't in Stella Quest World.>

* Please don't try to cheat other players or the game system. This is just a game, but some morals should exist. Lies and tricks are regarded as the worst vice in this game (that should be the same as the real world).

* Please don't be rude to other player. Do not forget that other characters are human beings, the same as you.

* Please leave a message when you fight against or purchase from other players. They'll be grad at that and enjoy playing the game. However, you don't have to leave messages to Non-Player Characters.

* Please don't make plural characters without formal procedures. In connection with this rule, plural players shouldn't play this game at the same place (home, school, internet cafe, and so on) because they can't be distinguished from unfair players. If you desire to have two characters, there is a system called "Multi Player Registration" at [9000] Guildhall. Please register a new character here.

* Don't hesitate to kill or steal (^_^; This game is different from the real world, so you can enjoy killing or stealing. However, don't forget to leave a message to the opponent. Silence in such case is regarded as very rude.

There are six major titles (Dynast, Millionaire, Bigshot, Tycoon, Stellamaster, Undefeated), and some minor titles. Major titles are guaranteed the appearance on the top page.
The player who has the highest rate. Dynast gets 50G winning reward at each defensive battle.
The player who has the greatest deal of gold.
The player who is offered the biggest bounty. Bigshot gets 100G winning reward at each defensive battle.
The player who has the biggest business points. Tycoon gets bribe at each dealing.
The player who has completed Stellatio the most frequently.
The player who has the record of winning streak.
The player who has achieved the highest level.
Awarded Seller
The player who got Weely Good Seller Award the most frequently. If several players have received it same times, the player who has lowest business points is the regarded as the Awarded Seller.
The player who donated G to this world. The ways to donate is the followings: (1) Send melons via [9008] Advertising Agency (2) Donate goods items for [9019] Anime Auction (3) Sell your merchandise at very high price and pay income tax.
The player who has taken back civilian's items from monsters.
The player who is the best at agricultural activities. This title concerns to Cultivation skill, Harvest skill, Gardening skill, and [9022] Botanical Garden.
The player who killed the most copy monsters.

New Game

* Press NEW GAME when you start this game. Please decide your name and your password. Please don't make plural characters.

* When you make a character, an ID is issued for it. When you continue the game, use the ID, name, and password.

Continue Game

* You can continue the saved game with your registered character. You're certified when your ID, character and password match perfectly.

My Record

Events that you aren't on the game are recorded here. Events mean, messages from other players, battles with other players, purchase records, healing records, and stellatio trade records. Max number of records is 25, and old records are deleted automatically.

Look for another player

You can see all other players except for...
* Players who haven't saved.
If the player whom you want to see has not saved the game, he/she is regarded as "Playing" and cannot be seen b another player. However, if he/she left the game 60 minutes, it becomes possible to contact.

* Players who saved outside the town.
It's not impossible to find out players who are roaming outside the town, but difficult. If you failed to find out, you'll lose 1 HP.
- Thieves hide better than other players, and it's more difficult to find out.
- Bounty Hunters are good at seeking bounty heads.
- Roaming (saving outside the town) becomes invalid in the following cases.
( 1 ) In case the attacker equips Saint items.
( 2 ) In case the defender is the Dynast, the Millionaire, or the Bigshot.
( 3 ) In case the attacker can't fight with the defender for some reason.
( 4 ) In case the attacker equips a hiding/finding tool (Fire Flowers and so on).
* Players who used hiding tools like sunglasses or tents.
- Nobody can find out till their HP recovers.

Write a letter

You can leave a message to another player without seeing. Select the player and check "Write a letter" and press "ok."

Look for Items

Use 1 HP and look for items. If your status is "Poison" or "Fat", additional HP may be needed. items which can be founded are Gold, Weapons, accessories, foods, ingots, spices, attack accelerators, defense accelerators, holy water, crests, secret maps, and so on.
There are some rare items which exist only one in the world. Some items are safe from destruction or robbery, and some are unable to put in pawns.

Dump Items

You can dispose needless items. If you've mastered "Financial Aid", you'll get money as much as pawn will pay for it.


You can unset your temporary item before using. Please note some kinds of temporary item can't be unset.

Change Comments

Change the comments for players who access you when you're not on the game. Default comment is "???". There are some escape sequences to display special characters.

:S: Display SALE! by brown letters.
:I: Display NOTICE! by brown letters.
:B: Display BEAT ME! by red letters.
:P: Display POISON ME! by purple letters.
:W: Display ITEM WANTED! by blue letters.

The limit of comment length is determined by your class: Low Class->500 letters, Medium Class->2000 letters, High Class->8000 letters

Set Price

If you're a civilian, you can sell items. However, you need a certain skill to sell items (Sword seller skill, Food seller skill, and so on). Other player can't buy from you if you don't set prices.
Numbers displayed beside items are pawning prices. Minimum price is pawning price +10G. If you set the price under minimum price, it's cancelled automatically.

If you want to set 100G for your good merchandise, you can describe as '100G' or '100', whichever you prefer. Generally, it's easier to enter only numbers. However, in order to avoid typo, you can't omit 'G' when you try to set more than 10 times as much as its minimum price.

You can reserve an item for a specific player, if you fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • If you use 'Reservation Ticket.' You can make this temporary item with composing a Secret Memo and a Trump.
  • If you have 'Reservation' skill. You can reserve whenever you want, and you can estimate the luxury tax that the buyer will pay.
And please note the following:
  • The usage of reservation is '[Price]:[User ID]' (See the right sample image that sells a Simple Shield to ID:0001 at 30G).
  • When you reserve an item, the buyer will pay luxury tax (The seller won't). The tax rate is 3 percent at first, but the more a players buys reserved items, the more luxury tax rate increases. Luxury tax decreases on some conditions.
  • In short, reservation system is risky for buyers. Take care when you reserve items.

Set Medical Fee

Only Priests can use this command.
You can't cure other players unless you set medical fees.
After setting, other players pay for you to ask cure.
If you cure other players, you reduce your HP. You can't cure if your HP is less than required.
There are standard price (Detoxification:10G, Revival:20G). If you set less than standard price, you may miss the treatment. If you set more than standard price, you can heal HP in addition to normal treatment (You need additional HP in that case), but if the poison results from curse, you can't heal HP.


"Save" command has much effect. 1) Your HP will increase till you restart the game. 2) You will revive 10 hours later after saving (Do not restart the game before you revive. In that case, you have to wait more 10 hours). 3) Other player can contact with you. There are three types of save.

Save in the town: HP recovers quickly (1HP per 10min.). In the town, everyone easily can find you, so if don't want to be attacked by other players, you shouldn't save here.

Save outside the town: It becomes difficult to find you out. However, HP recovers slower (1HP per 30min.). In addition, your brave points reduces so much.

Save in the grave: Saving the game without reviving. You need 10 hour after saving, and your brave points reduces so much.

(Save with using hiding tools) : It becomes impossible to find you out till your HP gain.

Write a Poem / Diary

If you have an appropriate skill, you can write a poem or diary on the top page of this game.

Leave a Message

When you met another player, you can leave a message. You should leave a message when you fight against or purchase from other players. Do not forget that other characters are human beings, same as you. (You don't have to leave messages to Non-Player Characters, like Pawns or Monsters)


Fighters can fight against other fighters (In other words, you can't fight against civilians). Defense players always get an additional attack point. Sometimes you can snatch one of opponent's items.

In some cases, battles are stopped by the game system to avoid exorbitant disadvantages for defense players.

There are three important parameters for battles.

Attack point
This is the basic parameter for deciding the winner. This parameter can be increased with weapons, power accelerates, and so on.
Defense point
When you unfortunately lose, the damage is decelerated by defense point. This parameter can be increased with armors, shields, defense accelerates, and so on.
Loser's HP decreases according to winner's attack point and loser's defense point. If the HP becomes zero, the loser is killed. There are some skills to kill opponents unrelated to their HP. In case of draw, only attackers lose 1 HP.

Sometimes attacker's equipments break. When the attacker wins, his/her weapon may break. Other equipments break at random. Rare items are harder than other items, and there are some items that never break.

"Winning reward" is paid when you win. Your winning reward is decided by following parameters:

  1. Difference between your rate and opponent's rateOpponent's base attack point
  2. Your equipments
  3. Your brave points
  4. Your temporary item
  5. Attacker's popularity

When you kill your opponent, he/she may curse you. You need an Amulet to mitigate the curse.

Temporary items will disappear unrelated to the battle result. When you win, the temorary item turns into a White coupon, or sometimes Stellatio.

Warm Up

This is the same as "Fight" command. However, you lose 1 attack point when you attack. Instead, you'll earn power for "Charge up" command. You need to "warm up" 9 times to earn +3 attack points for "charge up," and you need to "warm up" 25 times to earn +5 attack points for "charge up." You need Focus Energy skill to use this command.

Charge Up

This is the same as "Fight" command and you'll have additional attack points when you attack. Since this bonus does not concern with attack point limitation, this is so powerful option against your rival. If you don't have Forcus Energy skill, you'll lose 1MP. If you have the skill, you won't lose MPs but you need to "warm up" several times before using this command.

Run Away

If you don't want to fight the current opponent, you can run away. If you run away, that opponent will not appear in your player list for a while.


You can sell items to pawns.


You can buy items from other players (only items whose prices are set). Only civilians can buy from pawns.

Two parameters concerns with trade.
Business Points
Business points are given when fighters buy from civilians (except for NPCs). If you achieve certain business points, the king give you incentive.
Extra Charge
Extra charge is paid when civilians buy from civilians (except for NPCs). The rate of extra charge is one of the followings: 0, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 2x.


You can give some specific kinds of items, like a bouquet.

Scavenge for scraps

This command appears at [0035] McCoy. You pay 5G and search normal weapons from junks, and you can find one with probability 1/3. You can't control type of normal weapons.

Set Stellatio

Sometimes you find a "Stellatio" which has mysterious power of twelve constellations. Stellatio is kept in your pockets (different from other items), and you can see them on "Set Stellatio" screen. If you collect all the twelve kinds of stellatio, you can upgrade your status (HP, Attack points, Defense points, or Max items). However, you may have doubled stellatio. In that case, you can trade your stellatio with other players. Other players only trade with your stellatio that you set to be traded on "Set Stellatio" screen. Other players may not trade what you want, so you need some diplomacy.

When you get 12 kinds of Stellatio, you'd better complete (change to a new ability) soon. The more you have Stellatio, the less you can find new ones.

There is an additional Stellatio "Ophiuchus." This 13th Stellatio is rare and can be used as a wild card.

Estimate Items

You can estimate your items, but you need "Estimation" skill.

Edit memorandum

You can record any kinds of memorandum. Nobody can see your memorandum, so this memorandum is for your eyes only. Only high class players can use this command.


You can compose items. The sample of composing is the followings:

  • Simple Sword + Simple Sword -> Fine Sword
  • Trump + Trump -> Joker
  • Banner + Banner -> Fine Banner
  • Simple Sword + Simple Knife -> ??? (split composition)
  • Simple Sword + (a Trump or a Blue Coupon) -> ??? (a random equipment)
  • Simple Wand + Amulet -> Saint Wand
  • Marvelous Knife + Mithril Piece -> Mithril Knife
  • Cursed Gloves + Cursed Gloves -> Blitz Gloves
  • Coldwater + Coldwater -> Power Water
  • Every Taste Beans + Power Water -> ???
  • TwoOfSpades + TwoOfSpades -> ???
  • Talisman mkV + a Marvelous class equipment -> Lead Medal
  • Talisman mkX + a Marvelous class equipment -> Tin Medal
  • Some of coupons -> ??? (Please read database for detail)

There are some restrictions.:
1) You will spend 1 HP or more, and sometimes money.
2) Some items require "Mediation Points (MP)" which you can earn 1MP each day.
3) If you're a fighter, You can compose any kinds of equipment (Swords, Knives, Wands, Spears, Musical Instruments, Gloves, Axes, Bows, Armors, Shields and Rings) except for some special equipments. However, it costs you at least 1MP for each composition and one of items must be bought at another player's shop.
4) You may fail composition. In that case, you'll lose all raw materials you tried to compose.

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